Acne Treatment / Facial Clay Mask

Rose Water

Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, leaving skin hydrated.  It can even prevents future acne by balancing your skins pH. 


Social distancing while wearing a mask, washing and sanitizing our hands. Yes, we are open and providing healthy safe products. Supplies are limited and will be difficult to restock when sold out.

Skin Care Tip... Don't forget your Sunblock and Toner!

Hydrating Toner

Our Hydrating Toners are used for adding moisture back into the skin. Formulated with glycerin to pull in moisture and leaving your skin pump and hydrated. Long days on the beach can be harsh on your skin, So be sure to use your favorite sunblock and late hydrate your skin to prevent dry skin that causes wrinkles.


I love the smell of this product. It's not too overpowering but just right. The texture and consistency is so soft and melts right onto my skin! It has the perfect glisten and it moisturizes very well. I will definitely be buying more!

Dacia J.

Thank you! Also great service! Love your products!

Venecia L.

I love it!!The product goes on smooth and it conditions my skin as well as fight off the Florida mosquitos. My better half, daughter and grandmother even loves it. I have to purchase in bulk. Lol
I love all of the products that I've purchased. My daughter especially loves the pomade. She even uses it to flat iron hair. Continue producing ultimate products and I promise to remain a loyal customer and I will always promote your products.
Wish list: Please come out with a body wash or soap..

Kysha M.

Just what my curls needed!I have very thick and curly hair that needs moisture on a daily bass, whether I I wear it curly or straight. Penelope J's Lemon Soybean Butter is what my hair is looking for- an excellent, light moisture that I can use everyday without my hair being weighed down. I've tried other products and nothing even comes close to the Lemon Soybean Butter for quality and price. I am a huge fan! I also use it on my skin as well with excellent results!


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I thought the Hello Sweet Momma Body Scrub was nice! I actually used it last night because I had to shower. Maybe a bit over oily but usually I think those scrubs skimp on the oil so I'm not really upset about that. Smells nice. Not too strong

Kate F.

I absolutely LOVE the lemon. I absolutely LOVE the lemon soybean butter, it keeps my hair hydrated and shiny! And the smell was AWESOME, couldn't have asked for a better product!


Awesome for hairThis product is light with scent and has a great texture. I only use one product that I like for my locs ans now I found one that I love.


"I love your lip balm, it has help clear up my fever blisters" 

L. Jones

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