About Us


Penelope J.


How we started:


Founded by Tomeka Jones in 2009, Penelope J. was named for her late aunt Penelope Jones. Tomeka’s dear aunt was deeply loved with a big heart and a love for spending time with family and friends. Sadly, she lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005. After her passing, Tomeka knew that she wanted to keep her loving spirit alive by dedicating her line to her aunt and her battle.

All of Penelope J. products are created with intentions of providing carcinogen free ingredients that are shown to not promote cancer, but rather are all natural, organic and vegan friendly.

After all the bad experiences we've all had with relaxers and hair dye that caused hair lost and scalp burns, Tomeka decided to make her own all natural shampoo in 2007. The results were amazing! Your hair and skin will feel wonderful. With no chemicals, your hair will grow back healthier and stronger than ever. The Penelope J. line has been a huge hit amongst family and friends. Now the whole line is available to you so that you too can experience the same healthy, natural products and receive the results that the Penelope J. family achieves.  

Penelope J invites you into our world!